Pride and Karma

I’m sure you’ll agree with me but I like to think that I’ll be proud of everything I do in my life. I went into the whole marrying a stranger malarkey genuinely believing that it would make the rest of my life happier - everyone did it for the same reason (well, almost everyone).

So when I heard that the show that took advantage of and made the lives of 16 people (give or take) harder, upsetting and momentarily miserable, had been nominated for a Lifestyle TV Award, I was pretty taken aback. I’m not proud of the show that put me in a situation where I was in tears for months on end, watching my edited life play out on tv, struggling to cope and leaving me with an inability to trust like I had before. I’m not proud of a show that exploited people, lied to them and took advantage of them. A show that shouts about how much it believes in love and happiness but dumps it’s participants as soon as the last episode airs. A show that entirely relinquishes responsibility when someone goes rogue and tries to destroy another person’s name and livelihood. I wish I was writing this now proud of what happened in 2016, wishing them luck when they sit at the table hoping their show name comes up on the screen. Instead I’m bitter and upset imagining a group of people proud of what they’ve created, steaming through series after series, leaving a trail of people with hopes dashed, most of them seeing therapists (at their own cost) and regretting having trusted their lives to them. While they sit their sipping their champagne they won’t be thinking about the dread we all feel when we see that a new series has been commissioned with a new set of people to take advantage of, nor will they be remembering the hours of distraught phonecalls.

I’m proud of who I am today and how my wonderful wives and I got through it all and became better people. I’m not proud of what out us in that position to start off with. I’m a big believer in karma and people getting what they deserve. My wives deserve the very best and every happiness. p.s. it’s good to be back ;)