Partying like it's 1999. No, seriously.

Close your eyes and take yourself back to 1999. You'd probably find us wearing our chokers, crop tops and wedges,

adorned in blue eyeshadow, at the local cinema with watching the smash hit new movie Shakespeare in Love. We talked about snogging boys and which member of (insert generic 90's boyband here) we fancied the most. We didn't have to worry about the amount of sugar we consumed or how fat our burgers would make us, and we went bowling on our birthdays. So much has changed...right?

A couple of weeks ago, Melissa told us she was moving back to London (yay!) and her, Caro and I got to thinking about how best we could celebrate this momentous occasion. What could you possibly do as a group of girls on a Saturday night in one of the best cities in the world. Cocktails? Dinner? Some sort of activity a bit more fun and different? How about all three in a nostalgic throwback to our teenage years?! Oh, those carefree days before we had to take responsibility as grownups and make questionable life choices that only we were responsible for.

Anyone who didn't go to a bowling party as a child must have seriously missed out. Those trendy shoes, the buzz of competition (of course, with the barriers up) and the disco music playing in the background. I'd sort of forgotten about how much fun it was in the madness of grown-up millennial life. I also hadn't realised how popular bowling is again in 2017! The alleys of London have changed with the times. Gone are the ice cream coke floats and in are the curated cocktails and gourmet food choices. Bowling has had to evolve to keep up with the times and the high expectations of people like us who have endless choices of entertainment at our fingertips.

So, choker and converse on (told you nothing had changed...), we headed to All Star Lanes for some carefree fun, and we were not disappointed! Banish the visions of sticky floors, terrible carpet and dingy lighting and transport yourself to a world where your cocktail is served with a jar of smoke on the side, your mac and cheese is smothered in truffle, and the playlist lightens your mood the minute you walk through the door. After the year we'd all had, we needed some light entertainment to cheer us up and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Even the millennial vegan was happy with the Zuccado burger (even though she did slightly compromise on the mayo!).

And the best thing? We were all back home and in bed by 10pm, just like the good 90's kids we are. Before we know it, I'll be having dinner at TGI Friday's before we go to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema! Now, where's my hair scrunchie?

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