The Best is Yet to Come

You can’t move on social media at the moment for memes and comments paying homage to the shit fest that was 2016. So, with the beauty of hindsight, this apparently cursed year maybe wasn’t the one to go out on a limb and punt for the relationship of a lifetime.

Or maybe it was.

Whilst my marriage turned out to not be the great partnership I’d so optimistically hoped for, what I found instead was something much greater. The Married at First Sight process was one of the toughest endeavours I’ve ever embarked upon, and in choosing this particular route for myself I essentially laid waste to some of the longest, and as I believed it at that time, closest relationships of my life. But the handful of friends that remained have been the most supportive and loving people I could’ve asked for by my side and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I thought I was signing up to find the person who was so compatible with me, someone who would come to be my perfect person and I could build a life with. I didn’t find that in the husband the experts found for me… But I did find it in the friendships that I made from the other crazy optimists who also gave this a shot.

It’s rare in your life, and especially your adult life, that you find a group of people who you are so comfortable with and click with from the outset. Maybe it’s this shared experience that bonds us together, or maybe our personalities are so compatible because we’re all mad enough to marry a stranger in the first place… Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining.

So, whilst I’ll gladly join in on the 2016 bashing (seriously Death, lay off the Arts will ya?), I have to admit that it’s been the defining year of my life. I married a stranger because I thought I didn’t know what I was looking for. I believed that the experts with their tests and data knew what I needed more than I did. And I was wrong. I now can’t wait to head into 2017 with the confidence that I know myself, know what will make me happy and what won’t, and mostly with the conviction that I can achieve anything. Because this whole experience has also shown me that I can be brave, and I can continue to keep going when giving up seems like the sanest and most comfortable option. It’s shown me my true friends, and brought me new ones that will be in my life forever (sorry guys…).

My relationship of a lifetime turned out not to be the husband science chose for me, and that’s okay. I still found what I was looking for.