New Years Revelations

2016 has been absolutely mental, to put it lightly. I wouldn't have thought this time last year that I would have got married, got a new job, moved house (4 times), filed for divorce, and ended the year with some amazing new friends and dating a totally new man!

There are some big lessons I've learnt this year though and I'm so excited to go into 2017 armed with these, ready for the best year yet.

Be Brave - you're stronger than you think you are

Marrying a stranger was hard. Being followed around by cameras for 3 months was hard. Losing my job was hard. Separating from Ad was hard. Finding a new house was hard.

Life is hard!

If someone had told me at the beginning of the year that I'd be going through all of this I'd have been terrified. My whole life turned upside down. But I got through it and I feel so much stronger for having done so.

Trust those close to you

I will always be very independent and make my own choices (even if they're not necessarily the right ones...). I'm not very easily influenced by others but I perhaps need to open my eyes and ears a bit more to those who know me very well!

I am so lucky to have so many incredible people in my life

This year I've also put my family and friends through a lot and despite all of that they still stand by my side. I have some of the most incredible and loyal people in my life and I'm so so lucky that I do...I also don't tell them nearly enough how much they mean to me and I should do that more!

Take risks. Be bold.

Despite Married at First Sight not turning out to be the fairytale I hoped for, I don't regret doing it. I took a chance and was bold, lived this amazing experience and met some people who will be in my life forever. The past year has taught me to give more people a chance and take more risks with people in life as well as experiences. I truly believe I'm a better person for the risks I have taken this year and despite the hurt, I've come out of it strongner, clearer and more positive and excited about the future.

Love Yourself

I have never had a lot of self confidence and doubt myself a lot. That coupled with mild anxiety makes for a pretty tricky combination and quite a tired mind. I question all the relationships I'm in and always jump to the worst conclusion...this needs to stop. I have friends in my life that have been around for almost 30 years, voluntarily! I also have people that have come into my life recently and have decided to stick around, again, totally their choice. I also have a man in my life who, despite my crazy choices this year, is still interested in me, and still wants to spend time with me. I must be doing something right! So I'm going to stop putting myself down so much and embrace the person that I am.

So thanks 2016 for teaching me so much about myself. I have never known myself better and I really can't wait to step into 2017 as a better, happier, more confident me.