Back in the Dating Game

I should start by justifying the title I've given this...I currently have an app group on my phone called dating. This is next to the group called games. And sometimes I genuinely confuse the two. Dating in London is HARD! It's why I signed up for MAFS in the first place. The continuous messaging, game playing, waiting twice the amount of time divided by three times the age difference multiplied by the distance between your postcodes before you reply to their message asking you how your day was. I can't tell you the amount of times I've written a message and deleted it before sending because it's too long, too short, too breezy, too sarcastic, too serious. It drives me insane!

I went back on the apps the day after the MAFS final, I was itching to get back into it all but wanted to wait until everything had finished up with the show. Within a couple of days I had 4 dates lined up. This is more successful than I'd ever been dating in my life! Friday night was a lovely Italian guy, it wasn't so much of a date as a dinner and language lesson (his English wasn't great but I think he's being incredibly brace to put himself out there!). He was lovely and told me all about his cannoli and his housemates who imported wine. I mean that's a great line to get a girl home but there wasn't really any spark. I also realised that no matter how open I wanted to be, I still had some deal breakers, like smoking, still can't stand it.

Next date was Saturday. Now this guy had seen the show and so opened with the classic (and now very common) line of "i was going to buy a bottle of wine but I thought you'd take it off me"....haven't heard that one before and I'm sure will never hear it again (there's also that sarcasm I shouldn't be using so much).

Next date is on Wednesday and he has promised me he won't get wasted on wine. I'm beginning to think this how every date I go on will start from now on. I'm blaming Ad for this.

So what have I learnt so far, bearing in mind I'm still at the very beginning of my new dating journey. To give more guys a chance at the first meeting but to acknowledge things that truly are deal breakers for me. I have a history of sticking at things far too long when they're not right and MAFS taught me how to draw that line and not string things out, as well as being kind to the other person for not stringing them on.

It's a hard line to draw but I'm learning.

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