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May 17, 2018

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24 Feb 2017

Now I've never been a big fan of dating. I love being in a relationship, having the security of another person being there for you, no more dinners for one (which is actually the size of a dinner for two, you just eat it on your own...) and less guilt about having that...

11 Feb 2017

So this time last year, in my previous life (pre-MAFS) I also penned 50% of a very different blog (having not married a stranger on national television at this point, what I had to say was slightly different…). However, it seems some themes are eternal, and as February...

8 Feb 2017

We all make mistakes in life, whether it's a typo in a message to a group chat (✋🏻) or royally screwing up a relationship because of a stupid decision (✋🏻). I think I make more than most but then I am pretty hard on myself. I've spent most of this weekend contemplati...

5 Feb 2017

Close your eyes and take yourself back to 1999. You'd probably find us wearing our chokers, crop tops and wedges,

adorned in blue eyeshadow, at the local cinema with watching the smash hit new movie Shakespeare in Love. We talked about snogging boys and which member of...

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