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May 17, 2018

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30 Jan 2017

This time a year ago you'd probably find me sat on a train swamped with pages and pages of personality questionnaires, hoping that my answers would find me a lifetime companion, the person that would be my best friend and partner forever. I had so little faith in my ow...

Dear Reality TV Applicant,

So you’re thinking of going on a TV show to meet the love of your life? A few of the participants of Married at First Sight from across the globe have come up with a some advice to help shed a little light on what you may be getting yourself i...

23 Jan 2017

You're standing on the edge. Any minute you can drop into a pit of sadness and fear. Sometimes you have no idea what put you there and sometimes the smallest of things has done it. You're totally out of control with what's going on in your head and the rational side of...

20 Jan 2017

I've spent the best part of my adulthood around people who are successful, powerful and sometimes controversial. From a young age I've watched friends and family be judged privately and publicly for their actions by people who don't know or care for them.

So what righ...

12 Jan 2017

When we embarked on the totally insane endeavour to marry a stranger, all of us opened ourselves up to the full scrutiny of the British public and beyond (oh hi, internet!). Whilst we were aware that the show would be filmed and broadcast to the nation at prime time, i...

9 Jan 2017

I think I can probably blame my father for my unrealistic expectations in life. I was his princess and never wanted for anything (note: if you've read my earlier posts you'll know that despite this it wasn't exactly an ideal childhood). I grew up on Disney films and dr...

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