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May 17, 2018

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28 Dec 2016

You can’t move on social media at the moment for memes and comments paying homage to the shit fest that was 2016. So, with the beauty of hindsight, this apparently cursed year maybe wasn’t the one to go out on a limb and punt for the relationship of a lifetime.

Or maybe...

28 Dec 2016

2016 has been absolutely mental, to put it lightly. I wouldn't have thought this time last year that I would have got married, got a new job, moved house (4 times), filed for divorce, and ended the year with some amazing new friends and dating a totally new man!


23 Dec 2016

The holidays can be tough and there can be a real strain on a relationship, whether it's a new one or you've been together for years.

At what point do the strains of the holidays take over from the enjoyment?

So you've decided that you're buying your new companion (remem...

17 Dec 2016

I have a colourful history of relationships, as I'm sure most of us do. I've had the high school boyfriend who was the first to teach me about love and commitment, the uni boyfriend who was my first real love, the friend with benefits, the project, the one who was almo...

6 Dec 2016

Adam and I got on well from the start. We clicked and were at ease with each other in a way I've never felt in another relationship, and may not feel again. Maybe it was the circumstance or maybe it was the science that matched us. It was always difficult to know where...

5 Dec 2016

Far too long ago(!) now, Adam and I booked ourselves a holiday to Morocco when we realised that we'd both been running flat out since before the MAFS process started, and were both starting to run on empty. 

Our entire expectation of the holiday was to recharge, so we u...

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