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May 17, 2018

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17 May 2018

I’m sure you’ll agree with me but I like to think that I’ll be proud of everything I do in my life. I went into the whole marrying a stranger malarkey genuinely believing that it would make the rest of my life happier - everyone did it for the same reason (well, almost...

3 Jun 2017

Smear tests - they're part of every woman's life and they're not only worrying and potentially anxiety inducing, but they're also not spoken of very much. Is it that we won't feel comfortable speaking about what happens inside our vaginas or that we don't want to hear...

17 Apr 2017

13 Reasons Why is the TV drama that has been needed for far too long. You, like me, may have spent a decent proportion of the last few weeks of your life watching this, and if you haven't, you should do. It's real, brutal, and sometimes too difficult to watch. It has i...

8 Mar 2017

Today is international women's day, and across social media the call to arms has gone out for a day without women. My workplace certainly wouldn't support us striking; it's a small business and the impact of the female contingent not turning up to the office or working...

1 Mar 2017

The 21st century woman can have it all. She can be successful in her career, married to a wonderful man and be a great mother. She can even choose not to have it all, at all! Or can she? Ever since primary school I've felt like I've had the mantra pushed in front of me...

24 Feb 2017

Now I've never been a big fan of dating. I love being in a relationship, having the security of another person being there for you, no more dinners for one (which is actually the size of a dinner for two, you just eat it on your own...) and less guilt about having that...

11 Feb 2017

So this time last year, in my previous life (pre-MAFS) I also penned 50% of a very different blog (having not married a stranger on national television at this point, what I had to say was slightly different…). However, it seems some themes are eternal, and as February...

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